Ankle Weights

How to use ankle weights

Ankle weights are an incredibly versatile workout tool, of course they’re only for use on your ankles, but they can be incorporated into almost any exercise in your routine. They’re useful for adding more weight to pull-ups and dips, and are particularly effective with leg raises and other slow-kicking patterns. For resistance techniques, ankle weights can be used to firm calf muscles as part of other aerobic exercises, such as swimming, walking, jogging and balancing activities like yoga.

In comparison to wrist weights, ankle weights provide a major advantage that can’t be achieved with lifting weights like dumbbells. This is due to the fact that you can’t grip and lift weights with your feet to build muscle, like you can with your hands. Once you get used to wearing them, you’ll feel the extra resistance begin to work on your lower legs.

Cost to buy ankle weights

The smaller ankle weights can be purchased for around £10, in some cases less, and the heavier designs for up to £20 or £30. If you’re looking for a fitness aid that isn’t too costly, these weights are a great addition. Online retailers and high street sports shops will have products available across the price range, as well as quality.

Because of their construction and simplicity, you can’t go far wrong with weights at the lower end of the budget – if you can’t afford the more expensive ones, but it can’t hurt to invest a little more if you think they’re going to see intensive use, they’re likely to last a little longer and might be designed with comfort in mind as well as practicality.