Hand Weights

Different types of hand weights

In the same vein as wrist weights, hand weights in the form of gloves are used as part of exercises where it just isn’t practical – or advisable – to be lifting dumbbells. The biggest market for this type of fitness aid is the boxing industry, their main advantage being that they increase the distance of leverage without straining the lower arm or wrist. They’re also useful for simulated sparring.

Another type of hand weight, popular with women who want to build tone without adding muscle mass, is a kind of miniature dumbbell or a sausage shaped weight with nothing on either end. This kind of hand weight is made in sizes as little as 0.5kg, they’re great for developing hand, wrist and arm muscles, as well as working on the grip.

They can be used as part of an aerobic fitness routine and with some dance-based exercise patterns, which allow for the hand to be holding something and working along with the cardio system. Many people who work from home, or who just don’t have time to go to the gym every day, keep a set of these weights handy – they’re not too costly and don’t take up much space.

Cost to buy hand weights

Because they’re so small, hand weights in glove or dumbbell form are great for a home exercise regime, and they won’t break the bank either. It’s fairly easy to get hold of a decent set of six weights for around twenty pounds, or if you just want one or two you can expect to pay as little as four pounds from some retailers, and that’s not even second hand.