Olympic Weights

Benefits of using Olympic weights

This type of weight is designed primarily for use on the weightlifting circuit, they’re made for power lifting competition and are almost exclusive in this capacity. Everything about Olympic weights makes them stand out against ordinary gym weights; they’re built to compete. From their size, colour coding and composition, each set across the world is held to exacting standards, so competitors can be sure they’re working with the same advantages as everyone else.

Olympic weights are made to be incredibly tough, and discs weighing more than 200kg can be dropped from a height of nine feet without sustaining damage. This is because they’re made from a composite of metal and rubber, rather than the standard materials used in other weights. The colour coding is also integral to the design; different colours represent different weights and keep the industry to a uniformed standard across the board. Olympic weights have a hole which is 2 inches in diameter compared to the 1 inch hole in standard weights, for this reason they must be used with olympic bars.

Olympic weights exercises

Using Olympic weights as part of your training regime is a great way to build muscle fast, you could be lifting twice your own body weight over your head in no time – with the right practice. If you want to incorporate some new techniques into your routine, the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk are two methods that can add muscle mass in your shoulders and upper body, as well as improving your core strength.

The Snatch consists of lifting the barbell off the ground and holding it over the head in one smooth motion. The Clean and Jerk has the same result, but includes a ‘clean’ movement from the floor to the chest, then a ‘jerk’ from the chest to overhead.

Not only can Olympic weight training build your upper body tremendously, but also these exercises can help with co-ordination, balance, flexibility and speed. Other lifts include; the spilt jerk, the push press, the clean high pull and the snatch high pull.

Cost to buy olympic weights

Because they are the go-to design for any level competitors, Olympic weights tend to come with a slightly higher price tag than your standard gym barbells. However, if you’re really serious about getting into the weight lifting circuit, you need the best quality weights you can get.

A beginner’s barbell set with six-foot bar will cost around £100, then you can add the weights to it as you get more experienced. A high-end set could cost into the thousands, but you can be sure you’re getting a durable, great quality product that will help you a lot when it comes to competing.