Weight Bench

Weight Benches also known as Weights Benches

Weight training benches are essential pieces of equipments in gyms all over the world, they resemble a normal bench in design, but have several additions that make them safe to use in combination with free weights. The difference in the weight benches on the market is usually the positions they can be adjusted to, with the most popular ones including; fixed horizontal, fixed inclined, fixed in a folded position, several adjustable portions and many more variations.

Some designs include racks for holding bar weights or attachments that allow for leg exercises or bicep curls. The idea behind a weight bench is to provide a flexible work area that can combine lots of different types of exercises, requiring little to no other pieces of equipment.

Exercises using a weight bench

There are several really effective exercises that can help you to build muscles using a weight bench, they’re a great aid to other routines and can provide a strong central piece to work around. For chest exercises you can experiment with the angle of the bench, even just a few degrees can work the muscle fibres to a greater advantage – but be careful not to strain the shoulder joint by pushing them at too high an angle.

Exercises that need support are ideal for a weight bench, such as bicep curls or overhead lifts, it protects the back and it will allow you to perform the movement accurately to avoid injury. Things like aerobic exercises aren’t recommended when using a bench; they’re more suited to lifting weights and other resistance routines that require a flat support.

Which weights bench to buy

If all you’re looking for is a simple bench design that you can use for support during weight lifting, then you won’t need to shop around quite as much as you would if required one with added extras. However, because it’s going to be the centre of your training, it’s vital that you select one that’s highly durable and solidly constructed.

If you’re wanting to bulk up your chest, it’s a good idea to get an adjustable design which can work your upper and lower pectoral muscles to varying degrees, depending on the angle. For other parts of your body you should consider a bench with an added leg press or bicep curler, which don’t usually push the price up too much.

Cost to buy a weight bench

Because the type of work-out a weight bench provides, it’s likely to be used as the foundation of your weight training and it’s important that you don’t scrimp on your purchase – just going for the cheapest alternative will end up costing you in the future.

A good quality weight bench can last for decades, and you’ll get your money back in the progress you make. A solid, well padded, adjustable work bench could cost around £100, but there are some great deals to be had from retailers online.

he high-end more bulky pieces of equipment that tend to be found in gymnasiums sometimes cost thousands of pounds – they are built to last though, and perform admirably under heavy use.