Wrist Weights

How to use wrist weights

If you’re not accustomed to using dumbbells, or you just prefer more active exercise routines but want to add an extra component, wrist weights are a great way of adding leveraged resistance to your arms when moving them. In place of actually lifting a dumbbell in a bicep curl or chest press, wrist weights don’t require a grip or any kind of wrist extension in the same way as hand held pieces do.

Wrist weights work the same way as ankle weights, in that they add extra mass when exercising, thus forcing your muscles to work harder. Typically, they are attached with Velcro or elastic and are very simple to use, just slip them on and away you go. Use them for walking, jogging, yoga, or just around the house on your day off, it all adds up to greater fitness and strength. Also, because they’re small and generally cheaper than a set of lifting weights, wrist attachments work out to a be a great investment, not only that but a practical way to see results from a fitness regime.

Cost to buy wrist weights

It’s difficult to find any criticism of the cost when talking about wrist weights, unless you’re actively looking to spend more money on your gym equipment, you can expect to find a decent set for well under twenty pounds.

Of course, the higher-end of the price range represents the designs favoured by professional athletes and trainers, and they can run into the hundreds in some cases. However, if you’re a casual gym-goer and you don’t have that kind of money to spend, there are some great brand-name sets on sale both online and on the high street – lots of retailers also sell wrist and ankle weights together in a set, for very reasonable prices.